SilkPress Hair Care Service

Providing healthy hair results using DETOX CLEANSING and HYDRATION THERAPY for Silk Press Styling. This method is ideal for smoothing curly, multi-textured, wavy, natural, transitional, and chemically treated textures that are resilient and resistant to humidity and moisture. 
By utilizing ionic technology, ionic tools, and advanced styling techniques, the SilkPress can correct:
  • Hair Density 
  • Dullness
  • Frizz
  • Dry hair/scalp
  • Weighed down hair 
SilkPress is an innovative version of the traditional Press and Curl. 
Moisture is critical to the success of SilkPress for two reasons. One, having hair that is properly moisturized by shampooing and deep conditioning helps prevent reversion and swelling of the hair in the days following the silk press. Two, moisture is one of the best ways to prevent heat damage. Hair that lacks internal moisture is more susceptible to damage and breakage. A deep conditioning treatment that moisturizes, smooths, and strengthens the hair is one of your best defenses. 
All residue and buildup must be removed from the natural hair for the SilkPress service to be achieved successfully. The natural hair needs to forgo a deep clarifying cleanse detox, moisture treatment conditioning, and the hair ends should be trimmed and rid of split ends. HYDRATION THERAPY is necessary to correct, regain and balance the natural hair. Prior to blow-drying, a heat protectant leave-in conditioner is recommended. 
Unlike the traditional Press and Curl service, a hot comb is not used to render the SilkPress. Instead, a tension-stretch method is used safely with a Denman brush/or paddle brush to blow-dry the hair straight. Note: A successful silk straightening happens on damp hair while being blow dried with the tension-stretch method. When done correctly, the hair actually silks out straight with tremendous body and shine during the blowout. Following the blow-dry, a high-quality ceramic or tourmaline flat iron is used for styling curls. Very light oil and/or serum can be used to add shine without weighing the hair down. 
A SilkPress can last 2-3 weeks on hair that has been trained, depending on the lifestyle, proper care, and maintenance discipline of the client. 
Once the hair has is healthy, and the moisture balance is healthy, a SilkPress service (especially with thicker hair textures) can withstand humidity and moisture in the air without reverting, puffing up or frizzing out.
Is a SilkPress better than a traditional Press and Curl?              
Yes. The SilkPress is better than the traditional Press and Curl not only because it gives the hair lots body-flow and bounce, it also does not require as much heat as the Press and Curl. 
Can the SilkPress over time cause damage to the hair?         
No. The SilkPress is not the customary typical shampoo, blow dry, flat iron service. The SilkPress service starts from the very beginning by prepping the hair with proper cleansing, moisture balance and hair care that will give extraordinary results.